The Aspen String Trio

Teaching and Classes

The Aspen String Trio offers a variety of Educational Classes


    Master classes in violin, viola and cello
    Chamber music master classes
    Coaching of ensembles may include the following topics:

  • Basic ensemble playing

  • Stylistic practices from Classical through Contemporary music

  • How to approach a new work

  • Interpretive decisions

  • The dynamic of the ensemble (making decisions, handling artistic differences between members, etc.)


    "INFORMANCES" are mini-concerts, which incorporate performance and lecture/demo style information.

    Lecture/Discussion Seminars may include the following topics:

  • Freelancing & orchestral careers

  • The Business of Music

  • Teaching as a Profession

  • The Successful Chamber Ensemble

  • Team work and Leadership

  • Learning about Classical Music

  • Learning about the Instruments

  • What is Rehearsing

  • Music and Expression

  • What to listen for

If you are interested in The Aspen String Trio's educational classes, please contact our personal representative at