The Aspen String Trio

Concert Programs  

Sleepless in Leipzig

Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations, here arranged for string trio, is a monumental masterpiece, a summit of achievement. Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, harpsichordist, performed the work for the insomniac Count Kaiserling at his bedtime. It is a spiritual journey of beauty and art guaranteed to inspire.

J.S. BACH   Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (arr. for string trio by D. Sitkovetsky)
A lecture-recital / demonstration that can be paired with other versions of the Goldbergs, or with other works for trio.


Degenerate Composers

Each of these four composers paid dearly for being Jewish in Nazi Germany. All suffered professionally, and Krasa and Klein lost their lives. But despite efforts to suppress their music, these works have stood the test of time. A program of profoundly beautiful and inspiring music from composers writing in search of hope in the darkest days of their lives.

HANS KRÁSA   Passacaglia and Fugue for String Trio
HANS GÁL   String Trio in F# Minor, Op. 104
GIDEON KLEIN   Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello


Shall We Dance?

From the baroque to the contemporary, dance is everywhere! This program leads listeners through the evolution of dance in the string trio repertoire. Put on your dancing shoes and start tapping!

BACH    Goldberg Variations 7, 19, 24
MOZART    Menuetto: Allegretto from (Divertimento in Eb, K.563)
BEETHOVEN    Allegretto alla Polacco (from Serenade in D Major, Op. 8)
BEETHOVEN    Scherzo (from String Trio in G Major, Op. 9 No. 1
SCHUBERT    Menuetto (from String Trio in B flat, D.581
MARTINŮ    Poco allegro (from String Trio No. 1, H. 136)
KLEIN    Molto vivace (from String Trio)
KRÁSA    Dance Tanec
PIAZOLLA    Invierno porteno - winter (from Four Seasons of Bueonos Aires)


Czech Please!

Music of the Czech Lands is filled with folk tunes and colorful melodies that are sure to delight in this entertaining and diverse program.

GIDEON KLEIN   Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello
BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ   String Trio No. 2, H. 238
ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK   Piano Quartet No. 2 in Eb, Op. 87


Serenades and Divertimenti

The divertimento was a genre from the 18th century intended to delight and entertain audiences. How Mozart does this in music that is also monumental and profound is a testament to his extraordinary genius, inspiring Beethoven’s Op. 8 Serenade.

BEETHOVEN   Serenade in D Major, Op. 8
MOZART   Divertimento for String Trio in Eb, K. 563


A Fugue Good Men

From the baroque to the contemporary, composers are drawn to fugue, the most challenging form of counterpoint to write, and one of the most engaging and rewarding forms for listeners to follow and unravel. The Aspen String Trio leads listeners through the many complexions of fugues.

MOZART   Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in f minor, K. 404a (after J.S. Bach and W.F. Bach)
MOZART   Prelude and Fugue No. 5 in Eb for String Trio (after J. S. Bach and W.F. Bach), K. 404a
REGER   String Trio in D, Op. 141b
MOZART   Divertimento for String Trio in Eb, K 563


Too Many Notes!

Flashy and exciting, this program is guaranteed to keep you dazzled and on the edge of your seat! Challenging, driving, and colorful sounds keep listeners engaged from beginning to end.

SCHUBERT   String Trio in Bb, K.471
MARTINŮ   String Trio No. 1, H. 136
R. STRAUSSS   Variations on a Bavarian Folksong, for string Trio
DOHNÁNYI   Serenade for String Trio in C major, Op. 10


All Beethoven

The genius of Beethoven is supremely evident in his Op. 9 string trios. Composed when he was 27, these works, gems on their own, show the mastery and brilliance of the monumental works to come. Music that is uplifting, inspiring — magical.

String Trio in C minor, Op. 9 No. 3
String Trio in D major, Op. 9 No. 2
String Trio in G major, Op. 9 No. 1